Businesses and More

Havelock Business Association: Norwood Park VIP:

California Lunch Room:
::6541 Burlington Avenue-map:
::Mason's California Lunch Room-For Against-myspace:

Food & Entertainment:
::Pepe's Bistro:
::Wise Oven Bakery:
::Engine House Cafe:
::Steamer's Coffee House:
::Isles Pub & Pizza:
::Bob's Tavern:
::Earl's Tavern:
::Arnold's Tavern:
::Misty's Restaurant:
::Joyo Theater (Rocky Horror)
::Havelock Social Hall:
::Isles Reception Hall:

Stores on Havelock Avenue:
::Midwest Music Center:
::Haney Shoe Store:
::Wolf Tackle:
::Havelock Furniture, Inc.
::Wolfe Ace Hardware:
::Against the Wall Gallery:
::Cosmic Cow:
::The Vickeridge-Nebraska Retailer of the Year:
::Salvage Warehouse:
::Russ's Market:

Personal Care on Havelock Avenue:
::The Baja Salon & Spa:
::Havelock Chiropractic Center:
::Designers on the Avenue:

Financial Services on Havelock Avenue:
::All American Insurance-SIAA:
::ERA Realty Center:
::Pinnacle Bank:
::Deon Johnson Agency:
::Les McGerr & Company:
::Pinnacle Bank:
::TierOne Bank:

More Businesses on Havelock Avenue:
::PrintWorks Screenprinting:
::Purple Sky Productions-coming soon
::All in One:
::Kerns Law Office:
::Witte Law Office:
::NEBRASKALAND Siding and Windows:

70th Street:
::Sportscasters Bar & Grill:
::GM Auto Parts:

Touzalin Avenue:
::Oak's Automotive Service:
::Midwest Heating & Air Conditioning:
::Top End Engineering:
::Nebraskaland Moving:
::Braunvieh Association of America:
::Nebraska Farm Business, Inc.
::Nebraska Soybean Checkoff Board:

48th Street:
::Miller Landscapes, LLC:
::Snyder Industries, Inc.

Cornhusker Highway:
::Advanced Barrel Systems, Inc.
::Harris Decals:
::Small Engine Specialists:
::T & R's Garden Restaurant-review:
::ADM -Soymeal -CA Poultry Federation:

Murdoch Trail:
::NC+ Hybrids:
::Grand Central Ltd.
::McKinnis Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.
::True Power Electric, Inc.

Adams Street:
::Acoustic Music Plus:
::Pinnacle Bank:

84th Street:
::Sunwest Farms:
::Lancacter Event Center:
::Rose Equipment, Inc.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe:
::BNSF 5710 West bound through Havelock:
::BNSF NE Community Relations-Steve Forsberg:
::BNSF NE Government Relations-Bob Munguia:
::BNSF Rail Safety Symposium Held in Nebraska 11-15-2006
::Railroad to level old structures at Havelock Dec 2005 p2
::Employees Are Putting Safety First 10-12-2005
::New BNSF Brand Rolling Out on Hundreds of Railcars 09-12-05
::A Trilogy of Safety Achievements 05-25-2005
::Company 'Gets The Lead Out' For BNSF in Havelock 01-11-99


LaVon Hummel said...

Havelock has fond Memorys for many. But for the younger generation it is just a run down little anex. The Havelock hwy sign says it all. Welcome to Historic havelock. The out date rust covered Monster of a sign is as inviting as our town. The trees givin to the bussniss district are tilting. The revamp is Where? Who would drive so far north,and what for. Its depressing. I alway here about what havelock was. Well it is no more. Go look at Union College town. Memory is not what we should be. from the Sigh to the under pass. Thought the town of rip up Awnings. and beer bottles. Who would want to shop there or eat. Lost in space. taking up space.

LaVon Hummel said...

Pride in the future of this small village. Pride in what havelock was. We need some one to help us bring new life to have lock. Enough Memories. We need a new generation of Lincolnites Omaha's to discover us. Make it a place to must see. Call the Mayor Of Lincoln for goodness sakes.

Judith said...

Does anyone have information on Havelock Chevrolet Garage? My grandfather worked there. I'm doing genealogy on my family.