Government Services:
::Victor E. Anderson Library:
::Fire Station 5:
::LPD-Services-Northeast Team:
::Urban Development:

::Chris Beutler::MySpace:
::Beutler launches economic council LJS 05-24-07
::Beutler proposes development board LJS 12-20-06

City Council-Northeast District:

Doug Emery:
::Boxing bonds father, son LJS 01-08-05
::Nebraska Athletic Commission Advisory Committee:

Havelock's Representatives:
::Gen X Senators Ready to Represent, LJS 12-11-06

Senator Danielle Conrad (district 46)
::Fresh faces: Danielle Nantkes LJS 01-06-07

Senator Amanda McGill (district 26) myspace:
::Fresh faces: Amanda McGill LJS 01-14-07
::Twenty-two senators see their first day on the job LJS 01-03-07

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shanebug said...


The District One debate is now scheduled for 6-7 on April 10th. That is a time change


Doug Emery